Air Conditioner Repairs in Carmichael, CA

Facino Heating And Air has the tools and knowledgeable technicians capable of performing any air conditioner repairs that you may need. We're based in Carmichael, CA, and our punctual service will help you escape the heat.

AC Tune-Ups

Preventative maintenance will keep your system running more efficiently and potentially extend the life of your cooling equipment. We'll recharge the coolant when needed, check the belts, seal leaky ducts, and clean dirt and leaves out of the unit to improve performance.

Sudden Breakdowns

We'll work hard to complete your project promptly when your air conditioner stops during a heat wave. Our knowledgeable technicians will recognize problems right away and prepare a written estimate detailing what needs to be done. You'll be able to trust us to work safely on the electrical components of your AC unit.

If your AC unit needs professional attention, then choose Facino Heating And Air. Our service area extends throughout Greater Carmichael. To schedule air conditioner repairs, call our office today.

Why Choose Facino Heating And Air?

  • Written Estimates
  • Punctual Service
  • Prompt Project Completion